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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


First of all saya ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada rakan-rakan atas ucapan dan present kepada akif.Domo arigatou!

Si gedebi makin hari makin manja, tambahan pula sejak dah pandai bercakap nih.
Semua nak mummy.
Pagi tadi menangis kat Taska sebab nak mummy tak nak bagi mummy pergi kerja.
Kasihan dia, tapi apa kan daya, mummy tinggalkan juga.
I'm sorry sayang.

Akif ni sangat sensitif pada peningkatan suhu badan. Kalau demam sikit kena cepat-cepat bagi ubat kalau tak dia mudah kena 'fits'.

Ini antara info yang mummy dapat dari internet


What are Fits Produced by Fever ?

A febrile convulsion is a fit caused by a fever (high temperature) in a child. During a fit the child may shake his arms and legs, go stiff, roll the eyes and become unconscious. They may wet themselves or bite their tongue. Fits may last just a few seconds or go on for longer. The child has lost consciousness and afterwards cannot remember the fit. For those around seeing a child have a fit can be very frightening.

How do Fits Produced by Fever occur ?

A fit is caused by a problem with the normal electrical activity in the brain. During a fit waves of electrical activity cause the jerking movements and loss of consciousness. Particularly in a child, a high temperature can irritate the brain and cause a fit to start. Some children are more sensitive to temperature than others.
Why do Fits Produced by Fever occur ?

It is not known why some children are more sensitive than others. There may be other members of the family who have had febrile convulsions.
Treatment Involved for Fits Produced by Fever

If a child is having a fit, call for medical help. Lie him down away from anything that might hurt him. Place him on his side so that if he vomits he will not breathe it in. Do not put anything in his mouth or try to stop him jerking. After the fit, try to keep the child cool. Remove clothing, use an electrical fan if you have one. Sponge down with lukewarm water. Do not use cold water because it may actually slow down loss of heat from the body. Give paracetemol or ibuprofen syrup regularly. Check you have the right dose for your childfs age. Encourage the child to drink. If the child has never had a febrile convulsion before they should see a doctor. The doctor will look for a cause for the fever, which may need treatment. They will examine the child to make sure that there is not another cause for the convulsion. Blood tests might be taken and the child may be admitted to hospital for observation. If a child has had several febrile convulsions they may need more tests, and the doctor may suggest that the child takes anticonvulsant (anti-fit) medication to prevent them. Families may also be given medication (diazepam) to be given into the back passage, during a fit.

After Treatment for Fits Produced by Fever

There is a chance that the child will have another fit next time they have a fever. Therefore, keep a bottle of paracetemol or ibuprofen in the house. Treat fevers at once with paracetemol or ibuprofen, taking off clothes and sponging with tepid water. Most children grow out of febrile convulsions by the age of 5 or 6 years and will not have more fits.

If Fits Produced by Fever are Left Untreated

Most fits stop on their own. Most fits last only a few seconds or minutes and do not cause any lasting damage. If a child has a long fit there is a risk that this may cause damage through lack of oxygen. This is the reason for giving treatment to some children who have febrile convulsions.

Effects on Family of Fits Produced by Fever

Fits can be extremely frightening to watch. Even very short fits can seem very long for a parent who is watching. Make sure the family knows what to do if the child has a fever again.

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Risau sangat kalau dia demam.
Jumaat lepas pun kena..so far dalam umor 2 tahun ni dia dah kena 2 kali...
1st time 3 hari lepas usia 1 tahun. Jumaat lepas 3 hari sebelum usia 2 tahun.

Kemanjaan akif makin ketara. Dia nak sentiasa diawasi sentiasa ditemani. Tidur kena peluk dia.Makan kena makan dengan dia. TV kena buka program dia suka. Dan macam2 lagi kerenah dia.Ada yang tak relevan pun...Contohnya..Nak main suis lampu- semua lampu kena bagi dia ON dan OFF..Mana boleh!
Jenuh nak explain baru nak mengalah.
Apa2 pun dia minta explanation. Tak boleh larang atau tegur tanpa penerangan.
(Daddy la suka main sergah je tu)

Dilema sungguh bekerja ni terutama bila anak buat perangai tak nak duduk taska. Tak keruan jadinya. Dia ok lepas mummy hilang dari pandangan.
Ya Allah permudahkanlah urusan kami.


anamiraa said...

fid, memang bahaya budak2 yang prone to demam ni. ada anak kakak kat opis aku ni.. dia allergic paracetamol. memang susaaaahhh sangat kalau demam. doktor tak dapat bagi segala ubat demam. so setiap kali demam memang horror laa... asyik dok kena buat sponging. even antibiotics can't help much...

take care akif..

rizza said...

fid...take care akif.....

budak2 bijak cam akif ni..kena bagi penjelasan...mengapa..kenapa..hehhheh bagus2.....biar dia faham nanti..