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Monday, December 4, 2006


It's Japanese sentence, direct translation=Only One No Two..That's why my blog title is Only One No Two!!
Above Kanji words are the Japanese sentence of yuitsumuni.
When I was in Japanese Matriculation Class, everyday we MUST do the exercise of sakubun (sakubun=make sentence/essay etc those need sentence harharhar)
But for word yuitsu the sentence already prepared by teacher we only have to memorize it.
Learning Japanese not so difficult, in other word..EASY!Believe me. After one week joined the class we are able to make simple sentence and can communicate with our Japanese teachers. Of course broken Japanese but quite good lo..I think my broken Japanese is better than my broken English...I think you all will agree!:-P
Opsss back to yuitsumuni...At that time this word is a very meaningful word for me. Jiwang beb!!I love this sentence forever....Since this word will lead me to my Jiwang explanation I'll stop writing about this. (wait for the jiwang2 entry laa)
Full stop


ummizz said...

tak sabar nak tunggu entry jiwang.. hahhaa

Che-Cheh said...

what is jiwang?