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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Public spiritedness

Aku dapat dari forwarded mail.Ni bukan sahaja pemandu kereta ni tapi RAMAi lagi yang memang perangai macam niSungguh memalukan...Terlalu mementingkan diri...So...Aku decided nak letak 'content' forwarded Email tu kat blog....

p/s: Rasa macam nak juga aku buat aktiviti ambil gambar orang jenis gini ...kihkihkih
Kadang2 masyarakat kita ni, derang rasa.."alaa park kejap aja"Hakikatnya TAK BOLEH! Itu bukan untuk anda....
Sama le juga ngan tempat2 yang disediakan untuk tujuan lain tapi masyarakat kita guna untuk tujuan lain..

Cth...Nursing room kat shopping complexe...Itu untuk ibu yang breastfeed anak tapi ada juga couples yang guna untuk aktiviti haram!Ada juga yang buat family gathering dalam nursing room.Bagi anak bottle feed but satu kerabat gi lepak buat kecoh.
Berubah laaaaaaa
*********************************************************************************** this person is very handicapped indeed... so sorry for him/her that he/she is much more handicapped than those who really are.

in case he/she doesn't know (i guess apart from being handicapped he/she is also illiterate) the sign means or what wrong has he/her done then for your information those bays are for handicapped person (also know as with physical limitation/disabilities). so what we are hoping to enlighten you with is that apart from not supposing to part at such designated places, you could have at least park in a single bay instead of double bays for your super extreme big one car only!!!

just put yourself in others shoes... what if you are one of those handicapped person (or any of your love ones) and your designated park space is taken but such irresponsible person like you in this case??? how would you feel???

anyway, if you still don't learn the lesson, its really okay coz we have considered you intellectually and heartedly handicapped (a no brainer and heartless)... may the god bless you for your 'kindness' PS. if you happen to my friend, please dont even mentioned that i know you....

Driver of WPK 6393 The driver is indeed 'handicapped'. He lost his brains.

''Malu lor''


Appreciate your help to pass this message on so that the driver of this car can be located. If you send to 10 persons (your friends and relatives). Very soon it will arrive at the inbox of the driver. I wonder what Sunway Pyramid management did about this?

Thank You


1 comment:

anamiraa said...

simply idiotic!

sapelah gamaknya tu yek. jgn la sedara mara aku. malu weh!