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Friday, November 16, 2007

Period kurangkan susu?

Period kurangkan susu?
ye ke?
Setiap ibu akan respon kepada menstual cycle's dengan cara dan kesan berlainan. Ada yang tidak akan merasa apa-apa perubahan pada kuantiti susu dan ada yang found that her milk supply is decrease dan ada yang seminggu before tha period dah rasa perubahan susu dan kembali normal 2-3 days during the period.
During menses time , there is a steady decrease in blood calcium level, and some mothers have had success stablizing their supply by adding calcium supplement to their diet.

Manakala for me, during menses or normal time...Basically no different..
It's depend on my kerajinan sahaja..Semata-mata....

Ramai yang dok 'nghoyak' susu deme decrease maut time period....Aku dok la fikir biar benor deme nih....

Mmm..sesungguhnya setiap individu itu berbeza......
Kita kena 'study' ability kita haahaaaaaa....(ntah apa2 le aku nih)

bab how's mik supply established..

Memang bergantung sangat-sangat kepada demand/supply process.
Bila nipple distimulasi...badan akan menghasilkan prolactin...Prolactin ni directly akan merangsang kuantiti susu yang badan ibu hasilkan.

During the early months of nursing, the prolactin reseptors are laid down that control the body ability's to provide BM long term.

Some research indicates that during the first three to four months of life milk supply is controlled through this process in the endocrine system. After that time it moves to the control of the autocrine system, leading some to think that milk supply can not be significantly increased after that time other than in situations like normal growth spurts. For mommies trying to breastfeeding in a cyclical pattern or routine that means that your ability to breastfeed long-term may be influenced by how carefully you maintain a flexible routine. So to those who wanna Breastfeed their baby long term please be patient.
Milk supply is also influenced by how effectively the breast is emptied. When the breast is emptied, the body signals the cells that make milk to begin making more. Prolactin release and milk removal both depend on adequate stimulation through a good latch.

The release of prolactin is dependent only upon nipple stimulation, but the release of oxytocin can sometimes be inhibited by the release of adrenaline. Learning how to relax can greatly help the mommy that must pump long-term, or the mom who is having trouble with the milk ejection reflex (let-down) because of stress. If the milk does not let-down, then the breast will not be adequately drained, more milk will not be made, and thus the concern for supply.

More milk is made when prolactin levels increase due to stimulation and when milk is removed from the breast. That means that when your supply is low, increasing the frequency of your feedings will help build your supply to the level that your baby needs. Another way to increase overall stimulation is to use a hospital grade pump/pump yang bagus to pump each breast an additional ten minutes after each feeding.

When breastfeeding, mommies should seek to maintain a healthy nutrition intake, with a healthy fluid intake


  • Cigarette smoking decreases prolactin levels
  • Introducing artificial nipples before breastfeeding is well established can lead to difficulty getting the baby to feed at the breast. If mom then resorts to bottle feeding, this can result in a cycle that eventually leads to low milk supply.

That's all....

Aku sepatutnya post this post kat mysweetstory but cincai la..sini pun ok laa..


rizza said...

ye betul apa yg ko tulis tu...

ramai cepat melatak le..bila tang period...hehe

aku so far tak de rase apa2 le...hehheh

apa2 aje le...yg penting kena la tau cam ne susu tu produce...n mental kita punya setting kena la think +ve....

Yan said...

aku belum la period.. tp mmg seriau bab tak pump sampai empty breast tu.. kalau dengan tarak let down, mau sejam+ aku dok layan pam karang..

mimielola said...

as for me, susu aku bnyk time period. itu yg aku pernah tanya shiha, kenapa.

tp aku mmg tetap dgn teori aku sendiri - pasal oxytocin masa period tinggi lalu melancarkan pengaliran susu aku.

sekian dari Dr. farah