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Monday, April 7, 2008

extended nursing

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dan banyak lagi....

Aku dalam katogeri inilah sekarang ni

sedikit tak puas ati hahaaa
(ada aja tak puah ati minah nih)

Orang selalu terperanjat bila nengok anak aku nyusu hahhaaa
Ya la badan mcm bdak besar tapi tak de la besar mn lagi..kecik lagi.pelat dah telor lagi...
Cakap pun ala2 baby lagi

What make me comfortable with breastfeeding?
Anak aku!
Aku suka..
Bau dia...fe'el dia....
Gaya dia..telatah dia....
Kebanggaan dia bila dia boleh nyusu...
(bdak kecik ni dia bangga tau..)

Aku tgk citer Bella sambil2 tunggu daddy dia jemput kami kat Taska
Anak si Bella tu nangis tak henti2..
tup2 anak aku kata..
"aya baby angish bagi ya hanyen(nenen)"
Terperanjat aku..
Dia pun tau ka budak nangis nak ditenangkan...dan ketenangan itu dengan breastfeed dia...

"mummy...yayan(kesian) baby..bagi ya hanyen(bg la nenen)"

Akif nak share dengan baby tu?

bagi baby diam?


Mummy tom(jom) bagi....yayan(kasihan)..

Lagi satu....

Mummy..kat hehen-kul(school) baby $%^&&(tak tau nama apa) angish...nu-num(minum) susu tak besh(tak best)...waa waa waa..angish.....

Abih tu akif buat apa?

nenok(tengok)...baby nak hanyen tuuu...

Kenapa akif tahu dia nak nenen?

acif angish nak hanyen....


Mummy nak hanyen!

Bila anak dah besar ni nursing in public pun senang
dia yang akan decide to bF or masih boleh tahan dahaga...
Kalau dia nyusu dia akan tolong cover..
kalau ada orang tgk dia..dia akan tanya..."ape?..acif hanyen laaa"

From Ivillage

I am a mother of three breastfed children. Once my children reached the age of one, my family, friends and the general public began to give glances of disapproval. Is there a reason to nurse past one year of age?


Many moms wonder if there are really benefits to nursing a baby past his first birthday. In the United States, most babies are weaned before they turn one. We are surprised to see toddlers and even older children at the breast, though this is commonplace in other parts of the world.

The natural time of weaning will vary from child to child. In cultures where children are allowed to nurse as long as they want it has been found that natural weaning takes place between three and four years of age. Extended nursing seems to be the human norm.

In this culture, we often see breastfeeding only as a means of providing optimal nutrition coupled with immunological protection. Breastfeeding provides much more than just nutrition. Toddlers really enjoy nursing -- they don't nurse for milk alone. Breastfeeding soothes your child. It comforts him when he is tired, sick or hurt. Nursing is your baby's way of touching base with you as he busily explores his world. Parents often worry that their child will become clingy and dependent if they are nursed for an extended period of time. Providing your little one with this loving and secure base actually helps him to become independent.

The health benefits of breastfeeding do extend throughout the entire time you nurse. A longer duration of breastfeeding has been found to be directly associated with not only fewer infant illnesses, but subsequently, fewer toddler illnesses. (Gulick EE, 1986. The effects of breast-feeding on toddler health. Pediatr Nurs 12(1):51-54)

Mothers also benefit from extended nursing. You continue to benefit from the hormones of breastfeeding. The "mothering hormone," prolactin, relaxes you, while oxytocin stimulates loving , nurturing behavior. As mothers of nursing toddlers know, this can be very important to your mental health and well-being. Life with a toddler is not always easy! You also benefit from the intimacy that nursing provides. Taking time out of a busy day to cuddle is as important to moms as it is to their babies.

Extended nursing may delay the return of fertility by continuing to suppress ovulation in some women. Breastfeeding also provides protection against these diseases:

  • ovarian cancer (Schneider AP, NE J Med, 1987)
  • uterine cancer (Brock KE, Med J Australia, 1989)
  • endometrial cancer (Petterson B et al, Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 1986)
  • osteoporosis (Blaauw R et al, SAMJ 1994). Breastfeeding also has been shown to decrease insulin requirements in diabetic women (Davies HA, British Med J, 1989).
It is very helpful for moms who nurse past one year of age to surround themselves with a good support system. If your friends and family are not comfortable with extended nursing, you may find great support in the company of other nursing mothers at a La Leche League (LLL) meeting. Check your phone book or call 1-800-LA-LECHE for the name and phone number of a LLL leader in your area. Best wishes!

nursing manner

Ya pesan kat anak kita..yes yesss..
(rupanya cara aku buat selama ni betul)

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Aliwati said...


akak pun tgh bg amalia nenen masa tgk bella semlm. dia pun kata sian baby..